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Inspection Application

Inspection Application


The Inspection Application is a mobile application to use for property inspections.

An inspection contains predefined questionnaires and manually added questions.

Offline capability ensures inspections in low internet coverage spaces.

Automatically create mandatory documentation.
Displaying previous inspections helps users to identify changes.

Allow tenants to sign protocols related to their move-in or move-out on site with a bilingual user interface.

The application offers

  • reduction of time for staff on site by one hour per visit
  • digitizing of manual onsite practices with improved productivity for inspectors
  • many different inspection types, easy to configure for any need


The application supports inspections for

  • acquisition
  • move in and out
  • being compliant
  • ensuring quality standards

Inspect apartments, common areas, buildings, or properties.

Generate work orders automatically.
Additionally, create separate work orders manually.

perform inspections on site

The application provides a user dashboard.

Select an inspection to perform.
Select the property to see a list of due inspections.

Predefined questionnaires guide users.

Continue working on unfinished inspections at a later stage.

Completed inspections are submitted directly.

Send pending inspections later,
if there is no internet connection.

Inspection Application

sign digitally

Some inspections require signatures.

The application provides signing options

  • sign directly on the device
  • e-mail and sign later via a digital signature service
  • refuse to sign
Inspection Application

track changes

Move in inspections follow move out inspections.
Property inspections reoccur.

Inspections show the previous values in new questionnaires, allowing the user to track changes.

Inspection Application

create work orders

Detected errors automatically generate work orders.

Create additional work orders besides inspection

  • choose the location
  • describe the issue
  • take pictures and submit
Inspection Application

stay compliant

The Inspection Application integrates with the Compliance Application.
Work on compliance tasks on site.