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Compliance Application

Compliance Application


The Compliance Application facilitates the property compliance management.

Prevent incidents and achieve legal compliance of the company’s portfolio.

Increase transparency with centralized incident reporting.

The application offers

  • one hundred percent of all up-to-date security and compliance tasks
  • flexible and centralized updating of compliance tasks
  • monthly reminders to line managers of responsible persons


Check quantity of open and overdue tasks on a start page.

Choose user language for the application.

Compliance Application

get an overview of tasks

Find open and overdue tasks.
Get information about

  • due date
  • building
  • responsible person
Compliance Application

manage tasks

Create all relevant tasks for the portfolio.
Non-relevant tasks can be marked as not applicable.

Compliance Application

The application tracks tasks, due dates, and responsibilities.

Compliance Application

close tasks

Upload a document as evidence for task completion.

The application schedules a new task based on the task frequency automatically.

notify responsible person

The Compliance Application automatically notifies assigned user or responsible external supplier about upcoming tasks.

report incident

Track and report warnings and penalties for non-compliance.

Compliance Application