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Akelius Technology AB


Akelius Technology builds applications for the real estate business. 

core competences 

Akelius Technology develops applications
since 2016.

The company has strong real estate knowledge,
with over 110 employees from
over thirty countries.

Development hubs of Akelius
- main hub Berlin
- hub Stockholm
- hub Cyprus
- sub-hubs US and Canada 

Akelius Technology
- has Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, and Angular,
  as the technology core stack
- is ISO/IEC 27001 standard aligned
- is a Yardi Software Interface Partner,
  Program Member SIPP

The company has strong knowledge on ERP systems, both integration and cloud migrations.

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Akelius Group

Akelius Group consists of six entities
- Akelius Foundation
- Akelius Residential
- Akelius Cyprus

- Akelius Forest
- Akelius Languages
- Akelius Technology

Akelius Group operates in seven countries
- Canada
- Cyprus
- France

- Germany
- Sweden
- United Kingdom
- United States

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Akelius Foundation
Akelius Languages
Akelius Residential
Akelius Technology