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Viewing Generator

Viewing Generator


The Viewing Generator is a self-service application which works around the clock and is seamlessly integrated into the website.

Prospective tenants can start a chat dialog directly on the website through a textbox.

The application offers

  • scheduling viewings around the clock, every day, catching leads as prospects view the advertisement
  • collection of more leads and arranging viewings thanks to a streamlined rental process
  • improved tenant experience, efficiency, reduced workload via task automation


The Viewing Generator has a connection to the Letting Application and a knowledge base.

Both applications deliver data to respond to the prospective tenants’ questions via the Viewing Generator.
The response can be an answer or a query.

Viewing Generator

The Letting Application is a tool to market units and to find new tenants.
It is connected to Akelius’ own rental website.

The Viewing Generator is on the website and asks the prospective tenants if they are searching for an apartment in a specific city.

Depending on the answer, the prospective tenant will receive a result list in the textbox dialog.

Viewing Generator

knowledge base integration

The knowledge base is an application which stores questions and answers concerning the apartment letting process.

The Viewing Generator uses this information to display answers to prospective tenants.