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Property Catalog

Property Catalog


The Property Catalog is the duplicate of all company data and the source of property master data.
Manage and handle access rights to the company's asset hierarchy.

All property data are streamlined and made uniform.

Data quality is key for the digital asset hierarchy.
An automatic data qualification is available and provided to responsible staff.

The Property Catalog ensures correct property data for all applications.

The application offers

  • a global data model, flexible top of the art REST APIs for integrations
  • enterprise-grade, scalable, multi-tenant environments
  • integrations with any ERP, or can be stand alone


Administrate the hierarchy via an user interface.

Property Catalog

The Property Catalog consists of different types of objects like

  • properties
  • buildings
  • ground areas
  • rentable items
  • common areas

Set attributes on asset level, like the vacancy status, including the type, upgrade status, and energy certificates.

Property Catalog

additional information

The different applications provide additional information to the assets

  • documents
  • images
  • investments
  • rent data

Create a property brochure with one click.

Property Catalog