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My Pages

My Pages

My Pages


My Pages is a self-service portal for tenants.

Allow tenants to administrate their tenancy digitally.

Increase self-service for tenants to lower the number of calls to the service center and time spent on administration.

Improve service with more transparent and faster communication.

Simplify and speed up the process with automation of repair cases integrated to Work Order Application.

The application offers

  • managing of work orders and online payments, reducing traffic to the service center with thirty percent
  • administration of work orders on one interface for the tenant, seamlessly integrated to external repair companies
  • integration of online payments for any payment method with accounting


The tenant administrates their tenancy on the main page.

The tenant chooses in which language to use My Pages.

My Pages

report work order, create a case

The tenant selects the category and type of damage within or outside the apartment.

My Pages

Send work orders to the property team or directly to the repair company.

My Pages integrates into the workflow and existing systems of external repair companies.

Inform the tenant automatically of the status of the repair case.

find information

The tenant finds information on

  • apartment
  • common area
  • documents
  • move in and move out
  • tenant ledger – status of tenant payments

Send a request directly from each information section.
This automatically generates an administrative case.

My Pages

make online payments

Allow the tenant to pay their rent online.


  • invoices
  • payment status
  • rent to pay

Help the tenant to pay on time by sending reminder notifications.

My Pages

send messages to tenants automatically

Notify tenants automatically by email or SMS on

  • verification email upon registration
  • new work order received
  • appointment scheduled, including day and time
  • work order closed
  • offboarding announcement
  • maintenance work