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Investment Application

Investment Application


The Investment Application supports calculations and evaluations for upcoming upgrades and investments in properties.

The application offers

  • saving of fifteen percent of administrative time
  • overview and control of all investments in the portfolio
  • presentation of a streamlined process and get approval on investments


Get key facts per investment at one glance from the main page.

get an overview of all investments

Get an overview of historical and current investments.

Search for specific categories like

  • regions and cities
  • investment types
  • investment and approval status
Investment Application

check information details

Check detail view for all information included in the investment.


  • project history
  • approval status
  • categories with automatically created calculations
  • supportive documents and pictures
Investment Application

track status and investment history

Track every approval step
Benefit from transparency for all involved parties.

The investment history will highlight

  • documents and communication received
  • delegation tasks
  • amendments

The Investment and Approval Application integration automates all approval steps.

Investment Application

create investment proposals

Create investment proposals in a few clicks.

Choose your profit center and define the area for the investment.

Add categories, like elevator or roof, to specify your request.

The application calculates the investment for each category.

Investment Application

Add documents and pictures to the request.

Receive a PDF automatically with relevant information.