Akelius Technology AB

common services




The Intranet is the go-to place for staff to find relevant applications and information.

Based on the role, staff can search and access applications.

The Intranet provides information on

  • company structure
  • education
  • property data
  • staff

The application offers

  • internal search and storage engine of all relevant company data
  • property information which is fed by the various applications
  • saving of ten percent of the company’s time to find accurate data, produced by applications


Staff start their daily work from the main page.



Based on their country, staff can see a list of applications for their use.
They can log in to each application with one click.

Find all property information on the Intranet.

company communication

The Intranet contains

  • company communication
  • decisions
  • information
  • proposals
  • staff information