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common services

document and media service

document and media service


Document and Media Service offers technical group functions for all applications around

  • storing
  • archiving
  • searching documents and images

The Document and Media Service stores data and pictures.

All Applications, for example the Property Catalog,
can use and display the information to the user.


The service works as a central place for all applications to store documents and pictures.

Companies have certain corporate requirements for documents and pictures.
The Document and Media Service administrates these requirements centrally.

tags and filters

Tag documents and images with the help of group administrated tags.
This ensures standardized tags.

Applications use tags to simplify the process to find and filter documents and images.

The service offers search functions around metadata of documents.

image scaling and caching

Images are always available at the highest quality.

Applications can request images or groups of images for a variety of resolutions and types.

From low resolution JPEGs to high quality WEBPs.

document lifecycle, storage, and archiving

Certain document types, such as contracts, have legal and GDPR requirements regarding storing and archiving.

Document and Media Service ensures compliance with retention.

Requirements are

  • contracts and invoices must be stored a certain amount of time
  • different versions of documents must be retrievable
  • access to documents must be logged and restricted

security and integrations

The Document and Media Service checks documents and images for viruses automatically.

Integrations with other applications, such as the Property Catalog, support advanced features like automatically tagged documents.