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common services

Common Logic

Common Logic


Common Logic provides structured information out of raw application data.

The data structure differs between applications.

Akelius integrates data from third party applications and stores the data in a central data base.

Common Logic streamlines the data to each application's needs, for example tenant and Property Responsible Person data.

Common Logic creates and maintains state of the art Application Programming Interface for in-house applications as well as connected third-party systems.

The application ensures data cleaning and consistency.


A company present in different countries usually have different external systems locally for similar processes.
Many systems have inconsistencies in the use of data built on point-to-point integration.

Common Logic works as an integration infrastructure which

  • facilitates consistent use of data
  • enables one data catalogue
  • yields easy access to correct information
  • reduces future integration efforts

Optimize integrations between applications with Common Logic.
As the IT landscape grows integrations becomes increasingly expensive without Common Logic.

Common Logic is hosted and developed in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
This ensures an up-to-date and future proof product portfolio that performs well with common Microsoft based IT environments.

data provider end points

Tenant API

Tenant API as part of Common Logic provides

  • harmonized tenant data
  • contract data

The data source is Tenant Administration Application as well as external enterprise resource planning systems.

Property Responsible Persons

Staff have different property responsibilities.
Streamline relations between staff, responsibility, and property

Property Responsible Persons offers a user interface to administrate staff responsibility for a property.

Accounting Services

The service connects applications to accounting systems.

Provide data from applications to the accounting system

  • tenant
  • contract
  • charges
  • property

Geography Service

Geographical filters are relevant for properties, reports, tenant administration, and setting responsibilities.

The hierarchy is defined from country down to neighbourhood.

The Geography Service offers a user interface for administration of geography settings.


Maps provides a unified approach for all applications to show geographic maps including property data.

Digital Signing Service

The service connects third-party digital signature providers to the applications and provides a unified approach.

The main objectives of the service are to

  • ensure the security of the connection with the third-party service
  • provide seamless integration of digital signing in business processes
  • manage backups and storage of signed documents

Exchange Rate Service

Exchange rates have a significant impact on reports and decisions.

All applications should use the same rates.

The service provides rates based on exact timestamps as well as historical rates.