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tenant administration

Tenant Administration Application

Tenant Administration Application


The Tenant Administration Application is the tool for handling digital tenant contracts and data.

Handle the contract process end-to-end.

Manage rent increases according to market and regulations.

Identify outstanding payments and simplify the litigation process.

Handle operational cost settlements transparently and in time.

The application offers

  • a lean process for managing tenant data, rents, and contracts
  • digital litigation, collecting outstanding rents
  • seamless integration with the accounting system and other applications


Manage tenant contracts and data efficiently.

Bulk operations reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

create contracts

Create new contracts by

  • entering key information
  • choosing the unit
  • adding contract parties

manage tenant data and contracts

Use the application to

  • maintain key data, units, and contracts
  • check balance, ledger, and claims
  • access to all tenants information
  • access to all work orders
Tenant Administration Application

manage rent increases

Change charges in the contract.
The accounting system receives changes automatically.

The Tenant Administration Application offers bulk rent increases as well as informs and reminds the user about increases.

Manage rent increases according to the market and regulations with one click to

  • optimize rent levels
  • mitigate legal risks and complaints
Tenant Administration Application

simplify litigation process

View account balances and identify outstanding payments.

Handle outstanding payments and communicate with the tenants through automatically generated claim reminders.

Accounting managers monitor the company’s unpaid balance.

The Tenant Administration Application structures the process.

Tenant Administration Application

handle operational cost settlements

The application helps to distribute the operational costs between the tenant and the landlord.

Review and amend invoices.

Tenant Administration Application