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asset transaction

Transaction Application

Transaction Application


The Transaction Application supports the acquisition and disposal processes.

Calculate investment opportunities and facilitate the decision-making process.

The foundation for decisions is the detailed decision material in different currencies.

The application offers

  • saving of fifteen percent of administrative time
  • preparation of investment decisions using streamlined documentation
  • standardized valuation and transaction processes


The Transaction Application receives all necessary information from the Offer Application.

Save time and increase data quality with prefilled information from proceeded offers.

define facts

The fact sheet gives an overview of key facts like

  • unique transaction name
  • responsible persons
Transaction Application

get a status overview

Add milestones to track process status and provide the timeline to the finance department.

The probability of closing is an indicator of how likely the transaction will be closed.

Transaction Application

proceed with single asset deal and portfolio deal

Perform calculations on a single asset or portfolio level.

Transaction Application

Provide attributes and income baseline, and set assumptions on

  • income
  • investments
  • expenses
  • capitalization rate
  • transaction costs

Whenever you change data,
the calculation updates in real time.

The application generates an Excel file to summarize the calculation.

use the decision material for conclusion

The decision material contains all data and calculations in a PDF format.

The final document consists of information, such as

  • key facts
  • pictures
  • floor plans and site plans
  • maps
  • acquisition costs and investment costs
  • cash flow

The Approval Application submits the decision material.

When there is approved or declined transaction,
the Transaction Application automatically updates the status.

perform the due diligence

Due diligence entails

  • data room documents
  • checklists
  • risk identification

Due diligence covers business, legal, technical,
compliance, and share deal topics.

Send a summary report in the Approval Application.

The report includes sustainability conclusions and highlights risks.