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Report Application

Report Application


The Report Application is the business intelligence tool where you can retrieve key performance indicators for real estate.

The Report Application contains relevant basic property data and key performance indicators needed for analyzing real estate business.

Basic data includes

  • properties
  • units
  • contracts
  • transactions

Key performance indicators are aggregated to

  • rents
  • vacancy
  • income
  • costs

Filter by geographical hierarchy, time periods, and responsibility.

Various applications feed the information into the Report Application.

Compare, combine, and aggregate information with a visualization layer.

The application offers

  • one global reporting tool combing data from 64 reports in finance, asset management, and construction for analysis
  • provision of up-to-date information on properties, units, contracts, rents, and costs from various sources
  • updating of data daily, locking for accuracy, and assurance of data quality


Report Application

Standard reports are designed for easy and usage.

Data quality is ensured across all business domains and countries.

The reports are GDPR and security compliant,
for example through anonymization of tenant data or geographical restrictions.

The Report Application offers self-service to create reports with

  • dimensions
  • metrics
  • time periods

Perform analysis, for example for sustainability targets globally.

Bookmark personalized reports.

Download data for additional processing of the data.

Report Application