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Order Application

Order Application


The order application

  • simplifies the ordering of services and supplies
  • centralizes order tracking and cost control
  • increases transparency of orders for materials and services

Manage construction project related contracts in one place.

The application offers

  • excellent order accuracy by eliminating manual steps
  • creation, approval, tracking, and invoicing of order requests for external suppliers
  • automation of order processing by integrating with the Work Order Application and accounting systems


The Order Application is a tool to place orders of services and supplies.

The application has a personalized starting page. View a list of orders and place new orders.

create order

Create new orders related to

  • properties
  • construction projects
  • administration
  • work orders

The application supports several purchasing units and VAT rates.

Order Application

release order

The Approval Application submits the order to the Order Application.

Approve or decline the order.
The application automatically updates the order status.

The Order Application sends the order including terms and conditions to the supplier.

Order Application

integrate with accounting

The application

  • sends order information to the accounting system
  • reads data from the accounting system
  • makes invoice details available in the order details
Order Application

manage contracts

The Order Application manages construction project related contracts.

The contracts section gives an overview of

  • related project
  • supplier 
  • start and end date
  • attachments
Order Application

auditing of order or contract

The application tracks every change of an order or contract for auditing purposes.

Order Application