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Offer Application

Offer Application


The Offer Application forms the daily basis for your transaction and valuation managers' work.

Structure and evaluate incoming broker offers in one tool to save manual work.

The application enables common access to offers.

The application offers

  • collection of all incoming offers
  • analysis of the investment market via database
  • integration of acquisition process, transaction, due diligence, approval and take in


The Offer Application has a starting page from where transaction and valuation managers coordinate their work.

find all offers

Compare past and current offers,
for example on an area map.

Search for offers using filters like the location or the status.

check details

Each offer has a page with detailed information.

Get an overview of

  • general information
  • mail source
  • attachments and documents
  • broker information
  • details about the portfolio

add offers

Drag and drop an email including attachments to the application.

The application prefills the information automatically.

Perform first calculations.

decide and proceed

Make your decision to proceed or decline.

Send an automatic reply to the broker.

The Offer Application sends all information about proceeded offers to the Transaction Application.