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tenant administration

Message Dispatcher

Message Dispatcher


Communicate with tenants through email, letter, or SMS.

Reach out to tenants in bulk with personalized messages.

Get analytics and historical data on all messages sent.

Send messages, such as

  • information circulations
  • maintenance or damage notices
  • request for details
  • warning notices

The application offers

  • predefined templates with 98 percent accuracy for message delivery
  • savings of sixty percent of an employee's time for creating messages
  • generation of messages with one click and sending via, for example, SMS and email


Use the application to

  • initiate communication via the dashboard
  • manage existing channels
  • get access to historical data
Message Dispatcher

send messages with a few clicks

Use templates to prepare messages.

Message Dispatcher

Select recipients or choose tenants from a property list.

Send messages to all tenants in a property, building, or select specific tenants.

Message Dispatcher

Send message as an email, letter, or SMS.

take control

Create and manage your channels,
based on your needs.

Adjust settings, use filters, and define users and clients.

Add templates to simplify future process of distribution.

check and analyze communication history

The application provides details for each message sent in the message history overview.

Sort the information by message or by recipient.

Understand whether all recipients have received the message.

View the channel reports to analyze potential.

Message Dispatcher

generate documents

Ensure your corporate identity with the document generator.

Insert business data into new documents derived from templates.

Benefit from flexibility.
Use the generator to create documents.
Create documents automatically, as the generator is connected to other applications.