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integration platform

integration platform


The integration platform is a tool to integrate data from third party applications.

Akelius Technology designs applications as micro and macro services.

The approach follows the open application environment architecture.

This enables faster and more sustainable development of applications.

The integration platform supports this approach and provides

  • scalability
  • security compliance
  • extensionality

The integration platform integrates with internal and external applications.

With a decade of expertise,
Akelius Technology integrates real estate and accounting application with top application programming interfaces.


Store the data in a central database.

Perform causality tests on the data.

Provide data via micro services API approach.

technical setup

The focus of the platform is on databases and application programming interfaces.

Use the Microsoft Azure cloud for integration.


  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Cosmos database
  • Mongo database
  • Neo4J graph database

APIs are

  • Rest APIs in addition to GraphQL
  • Azure event hub
  • Kafka events

By request

  • integration of complete datbase dumps
  • execution of SQL queries on the source system
  • file imports
  • use of SOAP APIs

integration examples

The below examples focus on external application integrations.

In property management enterprise resource planning systems Akelius Technology has experience with

  • YARDI Voyager, certified partner of the Standard Interface Partnership Program
  • Immotion ERP, established SQL view connection
  • Xpand, Aeron database dumb and SOAP API
  • ArcGIS forest management

In accounting and treasury Akelius Technology has experience with

  • Infor M3
  • Microsoft Dynamics, analysis ongoing