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Energy Application

Energy Application


The Energy Application is a tool for tracking and monitoring electricity, water, and heat consumption in properties.

Receive data from smart meters automatically or upload consumption data from invoices.

Identify abnormal consumption to detect for example leakages.

Compare property consumption and intensity.

The application offers

  • savings of ten percent of administrative time for sustainability reporting
  • a dashboard to track consumption
  • follow-up of consumption in real time


The application collects consumption data and monitors the properties.

The consumption data is normalized and aggregated.

The normalization considers the vacancy and heat degree days to adjusts the consumption,
to make the data comparable.

The application provides aggregations for reporting purposes for

  • time
  • region

The consumption data is stored in a central place,
where the data is normalized and aggregated to support reporting and evaluation.

collect data efficiently

The Energy Application supports reading data from different smart metering providers automatically.

Assign smart meter devices to the respective properties to get accurate measures.

Supported device types are

  • electricity meters
  • heat meters
  • water meters

Enter invoice data and emission certificates directly or use the Excel import functionality to provide additional information.

Energy Application

monitor a property

The application calculates consumption trends automatically and provides an overview for the property in a dashboard.

Energy Application

Zoom into property data to get insights for a specific property.

Energy Application

evaluate and report

The application provides calculations of

  • consumption
  • normalized consumption
  • renewable consumption
  • intensity
  • emissions, scope one and scope two

Evaluate the data with visualizations.

Export the underlying data in Excel for reporting.

Energy Application

Compare several properties at the same time to identify deficient performance or abnormal consumption.

Energy Application