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Drawing Archive

Drawing Archive


The Drawing Archive is a system for organizing, searching, and uploading architectural drawings.

Store and categorize architectural drawings and their relationship to assets.

Make drawings available to other applications like the Inspection Application or the Intranet.

Drawing archive offers

  • one repository for all drawings
  • integration with all applications
  • easy to use uploaded drawings


The Drawing Archive provides an overview of all existing drawings on the start page.

Drawing Archive

upload drawings

Drawing Archive

Upload new drawings.

Search for the profit center and select the applicable asset from the hierarchy.

Specify relevant data,
such as drawing type and drawing status.

Add drawings in different data formats.

Drawing archive offers

  • DWG
  • PLN
  • RVT
  • PDF
  • IFC

Drawings are available for other applications immediately.

The drawings are accessible on the Intranet, in the documents section of the Property Catalog.

manage and download drawings

Download single drawings from the start page or select a drawing to manage the corresponding drawing files.

Drawing Archive

Upload new drawing documents or download multiple files at once.