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Construction Application

Construction Application


The Construction Application is a construction project management tool.

Track and document construction projects.

Manage vendor services and price lists.

Request offers from vendors.

Create supply plans and purchase orders for supplies and services.

The application offers

  • savings of five days per year per person
  • reports to track cost and construction duration
  • streamlined processes to present and get approval on construction projects


The application helps to keep accurate, complete, and consistent data for construction projects in different project phases.

All project steps are visible in a timeline.

Construction Application

create a project

Create a project for a property or an apartment.

Construction Application

Add the project briefing to define the scope of work.

Invite vendors to the project to centralize the project communication.

request offers

Construction Application

The application supports requesting offers from vendors directly.

Send requests for offers of services or suppliers via email to the selected vendors.

create construction proposal

Create the construction proposal when all supply plans are made and all offers received.

Construction Application

Generate the investment calculation.

The application automatically updates the status when the decision maker approves or declines the investment request.

create purchase orders for offers

Simplify the purchase order generation process.
The application sends the legally binding purchase orders to the supplier.

Construction Application

track budget and cost

The application tracks

  • the approved budget
  • all purchase orders
  • invoices from accounting
Construction Application

integrate with accounting

The application

  • sends order information to the accounting system
  • reads data from the accounting system
  • makes invoice details available in the order details

review construction and investment projects

Construction Application

The application gives an overview of completed projects and paid invoices.